The most important, extensive and oldest descriptions of his life originate from

and constitute the basis of most biographies of later dates.

Justinus Goblerus: Vita Petri Mosellani (1536)

The Kreis Cochem-Zell yearbook of 1993 (page 117) mentioned this oldest biography on occasion of the 500th birthday of Petrus Mosellanus (by Reinhold Schommers). It was translated from Latin into German by J. Wyttenbach in an essay published by Trierer Chronik in 1820. Just 12 years after his death this first biography was published by Justinus Goblerus, later professor of public law at Trier University revealing remarkably detailed facts of Mosellanus’ life. It is assumed that both men attended schools in Trier and Luxemburg together. Apparently they knew each other well which lead to a mutual friendship. Below please find a copy of the 5 pages of the Latin vita. 

  Justinus Goblerus Justinus Goblerus Justinus Goblerus
  Justinus Goblerus Justinus Goblerus


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Heinrich Schultz (1724)

SchultzA copy of the book was recently acquired by the Interessengemeinschaft after is was discovered at the library of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (NL) for the first time in 2008. Presumably the 200th anniversary of his death must have played a role in the publication at that moment in time. The book is composed in German.