Treasures of the past

Here you wil find copies of valuable manuscripts, audio fragments, pictures or other interesting items of the past that have been discovered and collected.

Unterschrift Mosellanus Unterschrift

Signature of Petrus Mosellanus 1521

Signature of Caspar Borner

Letter from Basle

Letter to Wolfgang Capito (1520)

Opening Petrus Mosellanus tentoonstelling en referaat van Robert Schober (1969) Uitnodiging tentoonstelling (1969)

Lecture of Robert Schober within framework of the Volksbildungswerk Bruttig (may 1965)

Invitation to opening collection and lecture (1969)

brief Robert Schober (1978)
 brief Robert Schober (1979)

letter Robert Schober (1978)

letter Robert Schober (1979)

 brief Robert Schober (1979)  

Willi Hess at collection (above) and Landrat Bartos with Robert Schober (below)

Lonarz Lonarz

Letter Dr. A. Lönarz (1)

Letter Dr. A. Lönarz (2)

Lonarz Lonarz

Letter Willi Hess

Invoice copper plate