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In 1831 Prof. Johann August Klein published a book titled „Moselthal zwischen Koblenz und Zell“, a travel guide describing in more than 300 pages villages, landscape and history of the area. In a separate chapter covering 7 pages the author gives an insight in life and work of Petrus Mosellanus which discloses some new facts about the scholar. He wrote letters in Latin, Greek and German to a number of clergymen and civil servants of the Moselle area. Members of his family received valuable gifts, that he received as professor and rector of the Leipzig University. Some rare books from his private library found their way to the Stift von Karden, a well known sanctuary close to his home town, and private collections. Unfortunately, the author left no quotation of sources in his book.

2 Moselle humanists knew each other

It seems as if the two humanists originating from the Moselle area in Germany, Johannes Trithemius and Petrus Mosellanus knew each other. Trithemius was much older (1.2.1462 - 13.12.1516) and was a teacher of Mutianus Rufus (15.10.1470 - 30.3.1526). One of the letters of Petrus Mosellanus to Rufus was written in the last year of Trithemius’ life (15.5.1516, about 7 months prior to his death). It is conceivable that Rufus connected the two Moselle humanists.

"Mosella"of Ausonius (376 AD)

This first elaborate description of the Moselle valley in the Latin language was translated into Greek for the first time by Richard Crocus around 1515. As teacher of Petrus Mosellanus during his Cologne period and latter predecessor of the Greek chair at Leipzig university both men most probably have discussed this extraordinary picturesque and praising description of the Moselle area.